(basque name, pronounced “ho-she-ma-rey”)

This is me →

Looks messy, I know. It is just a summary of my life design tips in Figma :)


public int equal = check_equality();
public int tech = check_technology();
public int sust = check_sustainability();

public void boost_equality () {
do {
   if (equal<0)
			tech = tech +1;
			sust = sust +1;
} while (equal<0)

← and this is what I want to do.

>> I ENDEAVOR TO leverage my business expertise with a systematic design practice in order to contribute to post-industrial revitalization and shield social equality <<


>> I ASPIRE TO build better brands for society <<

I aspire to design a better society through lovable brands, products and industries. I'm obsessed with using design for social innovation and to address systemic inequities.

Currently I'm the CEO of Joma, a family-owned manufacturing company. I have co-founded JomaBox and JomaUrban and developed them to be the leading last-mile smart mailbox and social-design urban furniture brands, respectively.

I studied a BSc in Computer Engineering as well as a BA in Business Administration.

Prior to that, I worked in Procter & Gamble operations and marketing, with brands such as Always, Pampers, Braun or Hugo Boss.

In addition, I am now the founder of AI Saturdays Basque Country, a non-profit AI teaching educational program based in San Sebastian that we just launched this year.

I am part of the Global Shapers community from the World Economic Forum. I also advise businesses in digitalization strategies.

I've lived in Mondragon, Madrid, Shanghai, Frankfurt and Barcelona. I now live in San Sebastian.

I'm always happy to chat.


My toolbox

User Research

Listen and watch. From collecting user data, to identifying buyer-persona or drawing customer journeys. I love user pains and gains analysis.

Business Design

Strategy and push. I have either launched or given advice to businesses across different sectors, from electronics to urban furniture or interior design, from products to services. I always carry the Value Proposition canvas in my mind.

Product Management

Diverging and converging. Brainstorm and create with my teams. I also love to hand-sketch or build mock-ups in Figma. I have also deployed a carbon-emission measure for all our products.

Product Design & Manufacturing

Bringing Concepts to Life. I have supervised UX, electronic and physical developments. Including processes such as laser-cutting, folding, welding, painting or mounting, in different materials. From prototyping and iterating to optimizing.


Leadership and Strategy. I have led either functional or product teams. Goal-setting and regular follow-up. Union makes force. Trello, Slack, Zoom... are always popping.


Truth is on the numbers. Like it or not, Excel is here to help us. Budgeting, pre-costing, postcosting, pricing and accounting. It's a must!

>> I love to work in the intersection of humanism, business and technology.<<


Building Products. I code in java or python to build smart applications or AI driven models. I love drawing algorithmic self-generative art in Processing.


Random teacher. I enjoy giving lectures and tutoring students on topics such as Entrepreneurship, coding or Artificial Intelligence.

Visual Design & Art

Simple is better. I enjoy drawing on a simple white canvas with a black ballpoint.

#Did you know that...

Basque country is the area with the highest concentration of Michelin star restaurants in the world? We are small, but we cook good.

My compromise is to invite you all to my txoko (check it out) and taste some pintxos altogether 😉



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